I love to travel….but then again who doesn’t? Part of being a smart traveler is really understanding the times to go, great local finds & those holes in the wall where the locals call home, and your stomach usually calls heaven.

So…want to get all that information in one smart spot? Visit one of my best friend’s Travel Blog: Jet Set Smart for incredible advice on traveling. Not only will she show you great obscure finds from all over the world, but she’ll give you ways to save more money the next time you travel.

She’s been all over the world…so she’s not one of those bloggers who writes about Paris and how great it is, but has never set their eyes on the majestic beauty of the Eiffel Tower. She’s a smart traveler because she know about these places from experience and not just some hokey travel guide you find in your local airport.


So go ahead and check her website out…whether it’s to plan your honeymoon, babymoon or just get away from it all. JetSetSmart your way to her site…I know you’ll love it!

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