Everyone enjoys a good venue. I enjoy going to a catering hall (sometimes..and depends on which one)..but there is something to say for unique & different venue locations.

I absolutely love locations with tents…depending on the place the renting fee of a tent can be a little pricey…but there are some locations that have onsite tents at no additional cost…such as a lovely Bed & Breakfast in the New York Hudson Valley called The Bird & Bottle Inn.

There is something so inviting about a tent…and I believe a true tabula raza. Your options are endless…draping…lanterns…hanging lights…and those are just a few…Tents take you to another world…they transport you to a place that is just your very own…

Check out some of these inspiring tent designs…

[top left photo: david wolfe, right: imaginative studios, bottom left: jennifer angeloro, right: allure imagery]

[images from theknot]

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