Martha Stewart…to me the queen of the home..and fabulous wedding style. I can’t help myself when it comes to her decorating..hostessing & wedding ideas. And when I saw that she launched a new Wedding Line at Walmart I had to check it out.

What if you are a bride who’s working with a budget..or better yet a bride who wants to do it all herself and take amazing pride in having designed her event. Martha not only has creative DIY projects for any party or event you throw…but it also takes you to where you can purchase her lines.

Her new Celebrate line features wonderful flower poms, invitations, lanterns…and much much more. Purchase directly from her online site…go to your local Michaels Craft Store…or visit your local Walmart. I know once you think of one thing…you’ll get hooked and feel the need to create.

Happy Creating!

{image: walmart marth collection}

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