VOW Weddings exclusive makeup artist Michelle of Wedding Makeup by Michelle was kind enough to share some of her professional makeup expertise with us. So we wanted to post this wonderful article she wrote.

What bride doesn’t want to be simply gorgeous on her wedding day?!

With all the effort going into one of the most special days of your life, one of the most crucial details, after the gown itself, is the bride’s makeup and hair.

So many ideas, where to begin?! First think about the basic elements of the wedding day. The season in which you will be getting married (hot, humid summer or crisp winter) and the time of day of the reception (morning or evening) and last but not least, the style of your gown. Are you wearing a full ball gown with crystal embellishments, or sleek and simply classic? How will you be wearing your hair? Swept up do or long and cascading?

I think the best bet is to strike a balance between head and body. A full gown/ evening wedding needs a bit more detail and glamour with makeup. Try a false lash to add sexiness and focus to the eyes. An extra drop of blush or gloss will make you glow in the pictures! Don’t be afraid to go a bit more than your everyday look. This is a special (expensive!) day, why not try something new?

Try the makeup and hair looks, in the season of which you are getting married. If its summer and your wedding during the winter, your skin tone and texture will change with the climate. No use trying to straighten your hair in the heat of the summer. Ideally 2 to 3 months before the wedding is best. You can reserve a trial date with a makeup artist and hairstylist before hand, some days are booked faster than others, you may want to start your search 6 months in advance.

Don’t forget about skincare. Even the most natural of brides can benefit from simple, inexpensive skincare products. Try getting in the good habit of using an eye-cream, moisturizer, and exfoliant. Exfoliation is the key to smooth, youthful and glowing skin. I am wild about the St. Ives apricot scrub, found in most drugstores, and a steal at under $5. Keep it in the shower to remind yourself to use it. Try switching to an AHA or equivalent acid based skincare cream at night, to renew and refine the skin. You will wake up to new, fresh, smoothed skin each day.

No need to look or feel overly made up! Airbrush foundation, either professionally applied or store bought, in aerosol form, is one of the biggest break through in makeup today. It feels nearly weightless and doesn’t look cakey or mask like. It lasts longer and requires little to no maintenance, one less thing to worry about on your wedding day, is a good thing! Don’t forget to switch to waterproof formulas for makeup lasting power. Even if you swear you are not going to get emotional, one look at a family member with tears in their eyes is all it takes to start a river!

Most importantly, enjoy your special day; you worked so hard to make a beautiful one!


Clean. Elegant. Natural. Wedding Makeup by Michelle. Her work is absolutely incredible. She brings out the natural beauty in all brides. She does makeup not only for brides but for supermodels. And who wouldn’t like to look like a supermodel on their wedding day!

[images from wedding makeup by michelle]

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