VOW Promise

I’m Laura..Owner of VOW Wedding Consulting & creator of We VOW To Inspire – A Wedding Blog. I’ve worked on weddings since 2004 and all I can say is it’s a true passion of mine. So I decided what better way to help brides who may not be able to hire a wedding planner, but provide my insight and ideas on a wedding blog. Free Advice! Now who wouldn’t go for that.

I created this blog for everyone. I think that weddings can inspire some to create all sorts of parties. I don’t think it’s only for brides. Maybe a color palette will inspire you to throw a really cool party…

Nonetheless, this is me. I love weddings. I love decorating. Brainstorming. Giving advice. Helping Brides & Grooms. And just talking shop. So go ahead…click away & be inspired!

And as far as my VOW Wedding Consulting business, I have created a unique brand with VOW by combining my passion for detail and my specialty in vendor relations.

Working with my “V-Team” allows me to create within any budget, without sacrificing the little things that make your big day a spectacular experience. To Me, planning an unforgettable event is not really a job, it truly is my pleasure. When I watch a couple spend their time laughing and sharing moments with friends and family, instead of wondering “where’s the cake?” is or “who tipped the caterer?” I knows I have succeeded.

VOW’s mission and goal is to promise — and deliver — a memorable event that will forever be etched in your heart. I will assist you with all planning and support you need during the stressful time when you don’t know where to start or what to finish. Rest assured, excellence, reliability and originality are not just words at VOW, they are standards. And my past successes speak for themselves. VOW truly is — a promise kept.



  1. Hi Laura,

    My business partner and I have recently started an event planning & design company in NYC. Due to the nature of our business, we are often reading blogs and you are one of our favorites. Because we respect you and your readers, we’d like to give you advance notice about a contest that we are hosting for Wedding Paper Divas starting next week. We’d love for you to share this info with your readers. Please check out our blog on Monday, December 8th for all the details.

    Thanks very much,
    Brandi Lingo

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  3. Meagan Dugin says:

    I was on wedding wire and saw a picture of a bride with her bridesmaids… i am in love with the dresses the bridesmaids are wearing… it states that the picture was posted by VOW… I was wondering if you knew who the designer was of these purple sweetheart neckline with a jewel band around the waste… Hope you can help…

    Thank you
    this is the link to the picture

  4. The weblog came up during my search and i am stricken by what you have published about this subject matter. I’m presently branching out my research and therefore can’t add further, nevertheless, I have saved your site and will be coming back to keep up to date with any upcoming revisions. Just adore it and bless you for allowing my remark.

  5. Hi!! i wanted to say that i fell in love with the colors used for the BE BOLD wedding photo. i Can not quite tell what shade of turquoise or red it is, so i wanted to ask what color scheme was used. If you can give me a little insight that would be wonderful since i would love to use the same colors for my wedding.

    * flowers used??
    * bridesmaid dress designer??

    • I agree, however I saw this wedding on {}, but I can’t tell you who the designer is. The florist is Initially I can tell you the flowers that were used were: dark wine calla lilies, Mokara orchids in fuchsia, and blood red dahlias. If anything I would recommend getting in touch with any florist/floral designer, show them a picture of the bouquet and they would be able to tell you exactly what’s in the bouquet. Hope that helps give you some direction.

  6. I like one thing in your posts that is you always describe step by step and make everything very easy to understand. Keep blogging.

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