A few months ago Ada Greenberg, of CupEcakes , paid me a visit with some delicious samples of her Vegan/Organic Cupcakes. I was a little skeptical with how tasty & moist they were going to be considering the vegan ingredients…but I have to say I pleasantly surprised at how delicious, fluffy & tasty they were.

All her cupcakes are made-to-order and are a fantastic favor idea for a wedding or any event really. She also has a cupcake kit where you can decorate them yourself and package it.  And if cupcakes aren’t your thing, then try her tasty cookies & muffins.

I also love the fact that she creates in “mini” versions too…package 2 mini cupcakes in a clear box & matching color scheme ribbon. Ada creates the packaging for you or you can purchase the kits for a DIY project.

Delicious creations such as:

Viola Vanilla Crunch: Vanilla cake, coconut frosting, topped with shredded coconut (Also available in chocolate cake)

Patty Kake: Chocolate cake, mint frosting, topped with chocolate ganache


I highly recommend her products because they are absolutely delicious…and being a foodie & a fanatical Cupcake lover I know your guests will enjoy them as much as I did…


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I always like to feature guest bloggers on We VOW To Inspire and every month I’ll be featuring my friend’s posts regarding Honeymoons for my bride and grooms…This is her first JetSetSmart Sweethearts post. Also visit her blog to get more travel smart ideas…


I have some news to share with all of my Jet Set Smart readers and newly engaged couples…on the 3rd day of each month, you can read a new blog post on honeymoons. The post will be called Jet Set Smart Sweethearts and will feature a new destination idea for you to jet set to after all of the craziness that usually accompanies planning a wedding. The post can be found at JetSetSmart .

On this honeymoon post you will be able to find information on anything ranging from destination suggestions, to hotel ideas, to flight deals, to activities…you name it- and you will find out about it! If there’s anything you would like to read more about in particular, feel free to leave a comment on the bottom of the post with your email so that we can get back to you.

Your honeymoon should be your time to jet set somewhere fabulous, exotic, romantic and special with your sweetheart. So make JetSetSmart your first destination so we can get you jet setting and celebrating your newly married life!

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I love to travel….but then again who doesn’t? Part of being a smart traveler is really understanding the times to go, great local finds & those holes in the wall where the locals call home, and your stomach usually calls heaven.

So…want to get all that information in one smart spot? Visit one of my best friend’s Travel Blog: Jet Set Smart for incredible advice on traveling. Not only will she show you great obscure finds from all over the world, but she’ll give you ways to save more money the next time you travel.

She’s been all over the world…so she’s not one of those bloggers who writes about Paris and how great it is, but has never set their eyes on the majestic beauty of the Eiffel Tower. She’s a smart traveler because she know about these places from experience and not just some hokey travel guide you find in your local airport.


So go ahead and check her website out…whether it’s to plan your honeymoon, babymoon or just get away from it all. JetSetSmart your way to her site…I know you’ll love it!

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Every now and again I get referred to a fun site…and today I was contacted by Jeff a self proclaimed “Groomasaurus”…I went to his blog and came across an absolutely entertaining blog about “If only guys planned weddings”..

Here is his enlightening interpretation! Enjoy ladies…even if you don’t agree…it’s still a good entertaining read!


If only guys planned weddings …

by Jeff on June 23, 2009

… instead of the father giving the bride away, it would be our favorite pro athlete or musician (which we would later regret after we found out they tried to play tonsil hockey with our bride in the church foyer).

… the bride and groom’s mode of transportation would be a Ferrarri, which means we would actually be late to the ceremony because you can’t outrun a two-way radio.

… the reception meal would consist of steak, Budweiser and Twinkies.

… the lovely “Here Comes the Bride” music would be replaced by something like Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” or another completely inappropriate song.

… the ceremony would take place in a barn, because we’d forget to book the church.

… the ring bearer would be our dog, Drillbit, who halfway down the aisle/barn floor would mistake the mother-of-the-bride’s hat for a woodland creature and lose the rings as he lunged for her head.

… our self-inscribed vows would be peppered with modifiers like “awesome,” “stoked,” and “killer.”

… the apparel of choice would be a denim version of dress casual.

… the invitations would be illegible missives scrawled on our “From the Desk of…” notepaper.

… every part of the service would conclude with high-fives among bridesmaids and groomsmen.

… the reception would last 24 hours, after which we would need to be removed by ambulance.

… the wedding colors would be surprisingly similar to those of our college alma mater.

… we’d recruit our best guy friends to help out, who would offer fabulous (i.e., ridiculous and self-serving) ideas like pot brownies instead of cake, see-through bridesmaid dresses and holding the reception on a floating casino.

… no women would attend, because they never liked going to our alcohol-soaked, wiener-fest frat parties in college in the first place, and the only difference between this and those sad galas is that now we’re older, heavier and have less hair. Not exactly an improvement.

Hopefully we wouldn’t be this bad, but you never know what happens when you put a bunch of guys together to plan something. You may get something with the spectacle and energy of the Olympic opening ceremonies. Or it may have all the spontaneity and drama of an office birthday party.

{post created by Jeff at Groomasaurus}

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A great and modern-looking option, bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable materials on earth.  Use tall stalks of curly bamboo in centerpieces, or choose bamboo chargers for your reception tables. And of course, mini stalks of lucky bamboo are always a favorite favor.

I believe that because of it’s durability as an organic element that it’s symbolisim can also represent the type of relationship you have. A symbol for longevity (it’s always got green shoots) as well as strength and grace (it bends readily but doesn’t break easily). In Chinese philosophy the straight stem of bamboo symbolizes the path towards enlightenment, the segments of the stem being the steps along the way.

Here are some lovely ways to incorporate bamboo into your event. Whether it be a wedding, shower, or event…

Bamboo Board

{images:, martha stewart, bamboo place card holder & coasters:, couple image: the knot, }

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I know I’ve mentioned this before…but I’ve just come across an incredible jewelry rental company.

And more importantly became a Partner and  I can pass along a savings of 20% to my readers. Please use my code at checkout or when you place an order via phone: CV068632

Their products are beyond stunning and I don’t know any bride who would have a problem adorning herself with diamonds for a reasonable rental price. Here are some of my favorite pieces that are provided by Adorn Brides.

Prices range from $100 – $2,400 for rentals, however the value of the pieces range from $1,600 – $73,000! These pieces have the highest quality diamonds and pearls that you will find on any jewelry rental site.  So if you want to wear earrings that are worth $3,000 for $100 then this is the place for you.


{jewelry: adorn brides}

Don’t forget to use this code when placing your order for a 20% discount


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C is for Cymbidium


The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility. In fact, Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy. If the mother ate small orchid tubers, she would give birth to a girl.

During the Victorian era, orchid symbolism shifted to luxury, and today this sense of magnificence and artful splendor continues, with orchids representing rare and delicate beauty. The 14th wedding anniversary flower, pink orchids convey pure affection, and the popular cattelya orchid represents mature charm.

{provided by teleflora}

Not only is this flower exude luxury, but they last and maintain their freshness for a long time. Check out some of teleflora’s beautiful creations. Some are stunning enough to use are simple centerpieces and they are a less expensive alternative.

orchid-board{floral designs: teleflora}

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I’ve been missing for a few months, but I’m back to keeping my readers up to speed on what’s out there. This post is about getting that fabulous celebrity look for less.

Celebrity Wedding of: Brandon Routh & Courney Ford – You would know Brandon from the hit TV Show called Superman Returns.

Producer Jon Peters generously offfered his home, El Capitan Ranch, near Santa Barbara, as the site for the Nomvember 24 wedding.


{images: instyle weddings}

And elegant wedding…simple…classic…and you can get the same look for less.

The bride wore a Junko Yoshioka…but you can get a similar dress at David’s Bridal for $800. And to create the stunning bouquet made of peonies, orchids and roses stop by or where the blooms are delivered fresh to your doorstep and you can have a DIY bouquet that you can take pride in making and getting for a fraction of the cost.

The average cost of a bridal bouquet can run you anywhere from $200 – $400. Depending on the flowers used and the season. But if you order the blooms directly it can run you anywhere from $50 – $200.


For invitations and any paperstock one can visit Paper Source to find card stock and create them at home. They also provide printing templates for do it yourself invitation projects.

Sure it takes a little more work, but if you get a jump start on things and give yourself enough time, you’ll see the reward in the end.

Want to create that stunning and romantic candle light setting? Stop by Save-on-Crafts for inexpensive wedding supplies. They have everything from glass cylinders to hold candles to wonderful paper lanterns. They carry every single wedding supply you can think of, at wholesale pricing.

And they have a section where you can learn how to create some of these fancy wedding looks for less.


Attire for the groom? JCrew can fix that right up…and after the wedding you can wear it anywhere…


With anything…you do not have to pay top dollar to get the wedding of your dreams. I think part of my challenge as a wedding planner is to ALWAYS provide my clients with “out-of-the-box” ideas on how to create that special look for less.

There are endless resources at your fingertips brides & grooms…it just takes a little patience, time and help to bring the celebrity wedding of your dreams to you!

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I am always so thrilled to receive Kudos for We VOW To Inspire…it really motivates me to continue providing brides and event planners with inspiring ideas for their next events. Thank you Wishpot for your nomination.

Real.Bridal.Shower: An Atlanta Bride

What do you think of when you say “Bridal Shower”…Presents…ladies…food…and games may come to mind. But what about having a bridal shower that says…style…mood…& design? This Atlanta Bride loves all things Italian, so when her friend had to plan her shower…she knew exactly in which direction to go towards.

This lovely Tuscan inspired Bridal Shower was fabulously done! It’s stylish…sets a definite mood and the decor of the event was impeccably done…Enjoy the board and maybe it will inspire everyone to add a little something special to their bridal shower…it’s not only the wedding that can set a theme to the events to follow..

{images were provided by: an atlanta bride}

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Martha Stewart…to me the queen of the home..and fabulous wedding style. I can’t help myself when it comes to her decorating..hostessing & wedding ideas. And when I saw that she launched a new Wedding Line at Walmart I had to check it out.

What if you are a bride who’s working with a budget..or better yet a bride who wants to do it all herself and take amazing pride in having designed her event. Martha not only has creative DIY projects for any party or event you throw…but it also takes you to where you can purchase her lines.

Her new Celebrate line features wonderful flower poms, invitations, lanterns…and much much more. Purchase directly from her online site…go to your local Michaels Craft Store…or visit your local Walmart. I know once you think of one thing…you’ll get hooked and feel the need to create.

Happy Creating!

{image: walmart marth collection}

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Have a love for the French Flair?…Want to bring your event to Europe?…If you can’t take your event there, why not bring the style to you. Laura Dowling brings the French feel to her flowers. Her sophisticated floral designs are truly unique and I fell in love with her creations. For inspiration…check out some of her incredible works of art.

She covers the base that holds the flowers and makes that a part of the beauty.

{images: laura dowling}

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Step away from the norm…let your guests indulge in a wonderful dessert table. They can take some home or enjoy it during the event. The dessert table trend is becoming more and more popular. And Amy Atlas Events specializes in dessert/candy tables.

Check out this stunning Mod Dessert table filled with chocolates, cake, licorice and cupcakes! Not only does it give guests something to indulge in, but it makes for a wonderful showcase piece for the event. Whether it’s a wedding, shower or birthday party…dessert/candy tables are an eye catcher!

{image & vendor: amy atlas events}

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If it’s good enough for Martha Stewart…then it’s good enough for me. Diane of DK Designs shows us that natural flowers don’t have to be the only way to go…while still maintaining stunning beauty. She creates all her pieces by hand…petal by petal from a material called Deco Clay. Her work is absolutely brilliant…and I would want everyone to check out her creations…But see for yourself…

{images: dk designs}

The amazing thing is that after the event…you can display them anywhere you want and always be reminded of your special day! (just keep them out of direct sunlight or around moisture)

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Placecards…or escort cards? The difference? Place cards are placed at each seat to show exactly where someone would be sitting at a table…an escort card is usually placed at the entryway of the reception room on a larger table with the names of the guest and the table number or name.

Whether it’s at each individual place setting or on a table outside the reception…placecards can set the mood of the theme or style you are going with. Want to have a beach theme wedding? Try a lounge chair placecard holder that reflects your laid back personal style…

Have a look at these wonderful theme placecards that can work with any event…

{images & vendor information: instyle weddings}

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I came across a wonderful article on In Style Weddings. 6 Chic Decor Ideas (or 6 Ways to Save). Fabulous ideas that I couldn’t pass up on informing my readers. Enjoy!

Be Flexible on Flowers

You’ve just discovered the centerpiece of your dreams is prohibitively expensive. No matter. Think about the color, height and texture you’d like and ask your florist to suggest another option. French tulips may be your first choice, but gladioli would give you a similar look for half the price, says Jung Lee of Fete, an N.Y.C. planning service. And remember, you can get away with fewer stems if you display them dramatically. Rent tall containers, fill them with water, and submerge a few French tulips, cymbidium orchids or amaryllis, or a branch of berries inside, says Bill Heffernan of Chicago’s Flowers by Heffernan Morgan.

Go for the Glow

Candles are one of the simplest and least expensive ways to enhance the ambience in a room. However, the cost of tall, thick pillar candles can add up quickly, often running $10 to $20 each, says Heffernan. He advises making the most of votives, which are significantly less pricey. If you wear a dress without a train, you can even use votives in glass hurricanes to line the aisle, suggests Lee. “They give off beautiful light as the bride walks in.”

Work Your Theme

Whether it’s something as straightforward as the season, a theme gives your wedding a cohesive look while limiting your choices—both of which can end up saving you money, says N.Y.C. planner Marcy Blum. A theme also provides a springboard for finding alternatives to expensive big-day items. For example, a full bar can tack zeros onto your total bill. Instead, try serving only a few cocktails, along with wine and soft drinks. For a wedding with a vintage feel, old-fashioned but hip rum drinks, such as mojitos and Havana coolers, provide a sophisticated twist on the signature cocktail.

Stick to a Favorite Hue

On any budget a monochromatic color scheme can pull a room together, adding up to a result that depends less on individual elements than on the overall look. Few will notice, for instance, if the pink flowers are carnations and chrysanthemums instead of more expensive roses or peonies, as long as the other similarly hued details work well together. “Using a beautiful pale pink tablecloth, napkins and flowers can look more powerful and substantial than having several colors,” says N.Y.C. planner Jennifer Brisman.

Economize on Favors

During dinner have the staff set up a table with your favorite desserts, along with extra servings that guests can box and take home. “I’m partial to dessert buffets,” planner Marcy Blum says, “and people are just tickled by them.” For a few recent New York City weddings, Blum gathered goodies—including cookies, cupcakes, cream puffs and key lime tarts—from local bakeries the couples liked to frequent. To dress up and personalize the boxes, have stickers printed with your names and wedding date, and tie packages with ribbon.

Use Recycled Cards

Send postcards that evoke the theme or locale of your wedding, instead of save-the-date cards, planner Yifat Oren says. If you’re getting married at a resort or historic inn, inquire whether there are postcards of the site that you could buy or have for free. (Blank vintage cards, available online and at flea markets, make especially charming choices but cost a bit more.) Either handwrite the essentials on the back or use a laser printer.
{credits: article from in style weddings, photos by: charles schiller}

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Who said the groom doesn’t have to be fashionable & hip…In Style Weddings shows you exactly how to add some chic style to the men’s boutonnieres. Jo Gartin has created some interesting bouts that any man will be proud to wear on the special day.

{credits: design: jo gartin, images: instyle weddings, photos: pornchai mittongtare}


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Don’t know how to organize those wonderful bows from the bridal shower? Well has just the solution…

Now you can throw away that paper plate with holes in it that you’ve been using all this time!

{purchase for $13.49 at}

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You receive a package…it’s a wedding invitation…but not just any invitation, but a stunning and unique creation by Bella Invites. You know the bride has put extra thought into this event with an invitation like this. I came across this vendor and was amazed by what they create. Elaborate designs, jewel embellishments…everything you would want to see from an invitation designer. I absolutely fell in love with their creations and I know you will too…

{invitations available at: bella invites}

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