Where do we get married?

I started VOW Wedding Consulting back in 2004. And I can’t even tell you how many venues I’ve been to for my client weddings. I’ve been down to Hope, NJ…up by Garrison, NY…across to Philadelphia, PA…far east to Montauk & back up north to Lake George, NY {to name a very few locations}. I’ve been to farms, hotels, lofts, vineyards & private residences.

I think I’ve covered the Tri-State area pretty well over the past 8 years! It’s been an incredible journey & I’ve been so lucky to have worked with amazing clients…vendors…and venues. Which is why I think picking our venue & vendors is easy.

Prior to getting engaged there were a few contenders….but as we spoke about budget…size…possibilities…the list became smaller & smaller….

So we started with the TOP of the Wish List Pick:

Vineyard Wedding at Wolffer Estate Vineyards {Sagaponack, New York}

I’ve always loved the vibe of a Vineyard Wedding…& as someone who enjoys wine tremendously & has a few Wine Club Memberships out on the North Shore of Long Island…we thought what better way than to have our event at a venue we can both relate to. Sadly, with a $15,000 – $25,000 Site Fee ticket price we won’t be able to indulge in one of our favorite hobbies while getting married. We realized that although it would be a perfect venue for us…a Vineyard Wedding just wasn’t in our BUDGET.

Planner Tip: The first thing a couple should do is sit down & discuss their budget & their expected wedding guest count…realistically! Take into account the Season you want to get married. Jan – March are relatively low wedding seasons, so the price per person will be considerably lower. November & December is still not as popular, HOWEVER recently those two months have increased in popularity.

Take into account who’s paying for what…or where some of the funding is coming from. Once you know how much you have to work with, then everything else will be easier to manage. Don’t set unrealistic Venue expectations for yourself & become highly disappointed in the process. There is nothing more frustrating than having a Venue in mind & then realizing it’s not within reach. It’s not a positive way to start planning such a beautiful day in your lives.

So….onto the next Wish List Location…

City Wedding – Guastavino’s {New York, NY}

I absolutely fell in love with this space when I went on a site visit for one of my clients. It’s romantic, mainly used for Fashion Week events, but WOW…the enormity of the venue was breathtaking. They have a private chef that works for the space so although it’s a rental site, they have in-house gourmet catering.

The venue has a flat $5,000 Sound Setup Fee. What this means is that because the space has stone walls, the venue requires special sound technology to keep the place from echoing during the event. The venue has an underground cellar feel {which is why you have to hire their sound techs to work with the room acoustics}. So maybe there isn’t a “Site Fee” per say to rent the space out, but the “Sound Fee” is pretty much the same thing.

Average cost per person for catering started at $199 per person so it was def. way out of our budget & with the $5,000 Sound Fee made it untouchable. I sometimes wish I didn’t have such expensive tastes. Haha. But when you’ve seen the best of the best it’s really hard NOT to want it. Outside of price we also felt that for our guests, with the majority coming from Long Island, this location would be less convenient.

Planner TipWhen picking a venue, be considerate of your guests. I know this is YOUR day, but you are also choosing to spend it with your closest family & friends. How the day impacts their day does matter. Be sensitive to cost of surrounding hotels for those not driving back home, how long it will take your guests to get to you wedding & overall accessibility.

Intimate Club Affair – Old Field Club {East Setauket, New York}

Old Field Club is an active Tennis Club on the North Shore of Long Island, however they have a gorgeous banquet room. This was a front-runner with one of my clients during our site visit tour, but lost out for the SAME reason we decided we couldn’t choose this venue. SPACE! The main dining room was absolutely charming. Beautiful chandeliers, dark wood bar at the end of the room& surrounding windows overlooking the LI Sound. Situated right on the water there is a lovely area to get married outside & as a space that holds only one event at a time it was completely intimate.

The space was really wonderful & at the other end of the wall was a very large fireplace. This place was perfect for a more intimate 75-100 person wedding. They said the space could fit 120, but after looking at the layout, could you fit 120 in there…yes…would they be comfortable…I don’t know. But I absolutely loved this venue, however for our wedding size of 130 it wouldn’t have even been an option. BUT…was still a possibility in the beginning before we realized how many guests we were going to have.

Planner TipVenue Size is extremely important. There is nothing more uncomfortable for your guests than picking a space that crams everyone together. Being unable to push your chair back from your table because you hit the person behind you or worst yet, having part of your chair legs actually ON the dance floor {an experience my fiance had at a wedding he attended} is unacceptable. Even if you have a modest head count, go with a room that fits at least 50-100 people more than you have. This gives your guests a little more breathing room & the ability to move around & not bump into chairs, tables or people more importantly.

Yacht Clubt – Bridgeview Yacht Club {Island Park, New York}

I came across this place for different reasons. One of my Bridesmaids is getting married there….I convinced one of my clients to get married there because of it’s endless possibilities…I live 5 minutes away from this venue & quite frankly because I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews about this Venue. Food. Service. And the most important factor….It holds ONE event at a time. And for us that factor was extremely important. {Recently they were featured in TLC’s Four Weddings show…and the Bride that won the contest held her wedding at BYC – Click HERE to view the video recap}

 I’ve worked with the Event Manager at the Venue for my client’s wedding & had a great experience. I also felt confident that this place could deliver on so many levels. Price. Food. Space. Overall Style & Service. From all aspects this Venue seemed to call out to me more & more.

Now I knew that one of my girls was getting married at this venue before us, so I felt that I should ask her for her opinion on us getting married there as well. I think it’s important that you respect your friends when picking a venue & at least being sensitive to the exclusivity they may want to hold for their Wedding. She was delighted & flattered that we would pick her venue for our wedding as well. I knew right there, with my friend’s blessing, that if Jeff loved it as much as I did…THIS place was our Wedding Venue.

So Jeff & I went to visit Bridgeview Yacht Club….more importantly I needed his approval & I needed him to see US getting married here, just as much as I did.

Upon our visit we booked it on the spot! Bridgeview Yacht Club is our Wedding Day Venue! Jeff loves the space as much as I do & he could 100% see us getting married there, right on the water & under a beautiful fabric draped ceiling.

A little about BYC & why we picked it. For me decor is really important. I tell my clients all the time not to get wrapped up in the minor details of their wedding if it’s NOT the important thing to them personally, OR if they are doing it for their guests…or worry what their guests will think. 90% of guests DO NOT notice the small detail of your decor. BUT you do! Which is why when I decided on BYC & what I envisioned for our wedding day, it wasn’t & isn’t for our guests. It’s absolutely 100% for ME!

I want to look back on our day and say WOW this is exactly how I envisioned it & I made it happen. Lighting. Flowers. Table Settings. etc…Will some of our guests take notice, sure, but it’s not why I am creating the look.

BYC has a tremendous reception room that can fit up to 400 people. And for our 130 person count the room will be able to give me more flexibility with tables, lighting, set-up and the dance floor. Another reason why I loved the space. It’s a blank canvas as far as I’m concerned.

The room will also be the location of our ceremony. A gold toned fabric separates the room into half where the ceremony area is set up.

There is a bar & bathroom situated at the end of the room so no guests really have to leave the room. That was a huge bonus. We wouldn’t want anyone missing out on the party!

We also loved the endless possibilities the room had as far as look. We are having a Winter Wedding & my hopes are to bring the sparkle & cool feel of the outside indoors. I don’t want to totally give away ALL the details….but here is a picture of what I’m going for….with my own personal touches & feel. It’s not quite exactly the look, but it’s the vibe. What do you think? {AND note these images are actually FROM the room at the BYC}

BYC is also located rather centrally to a lot of our guests so they wouldn’t have to travel far. And with the Allegria Resort Hotel only 5 mins away, we are blocking rooms for our guests at a discounted rate. Not only is it low season for weddings, but it’s low season for a Hotel that is situated right on the beach in a beach community.

Planner TipWhen picking a Wedding Venue look at it from all aspects. Don’t get hung up on one thing over another. At the end of the day YOU will make your day special no matter whether or not it has 100% of all the elements you are looking for. Like people, no venue is perfect. Look at the venue from an overall standpoint. Does it fit within your budget? Will it fit your guests comfortably? Have you read relatively good reviews about it? {AND please don’t get hung up on a few negative reviews, you will find them at every single place}. Do you walk into the room & say I can see myself having my wedding here?

With everything in life, including a marriage, sometimes it requires a little flexibility & compromise. It’s about the overall picture. And at the end of the day it’s about the marriage between two people that love each other very much & NOT whether or not they have a specific fish on the menu, or the carpet isn’t the right color.

I truly believe that some Brides make the Wedding Planning Process a lot harder than it has to be. If you give yourself enough time & keep things in perspective, it’s one of the most thrilled & fun activities of your life. And together you can make it as stress free as you envision it. Just as long as you keep things in perspective throughout the whole process & realize that nothing is perfect….but rather perfect for you!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how we came to pick our wedding venue. We are both extremely excited. The parents loved the place & we can’t wait to share our wedding day with our family & friends in 10 months! 🙂 



  1. Wow, amazing blog structure! How lengthy have you been running a blog for? you made blogging glance easy. The entire look of your site is wonderful, let alone the content!

  2. Ashley Karse says:

    I just recently got engaged and am looking to have the best beach wedding in Long Island here http://www.thesandsatlanticbeach.com/ I know beach weddings a played out, but it’s my dream wedding. Any tips on this place? Or anything at all?

    • The Sands is a great place to get married. I hear good things about the venue overall. But I can honestly say that I’ve never actually worked with them or done a client wedding at the location. If you want some general wedding advise feel free to shoot me an email at: vow-weddings@hotmail.com and I may be able to give you some tips on making your day extra special & unique. 🙂

  3. Great post and Congratulations on your wedding! My fiancé and I are also looking into getting married at BYC my only concern is the hotel since we have a lot of out of town guests. What was your experience with the Allegria? I’ve read so many bad reviews I’m a bit skeptical.

    Thank you!

    • I can only tell you that myself and our guests stayed at the Allegria and we had no issues. They were courteous & the rooms were nice and clean. I’m not sure what type of reviews you read or what you saw but since the change in management there has been significant improvements. If you want you can email me directly to get a little more information or feedback at vow-weddings@hotmail.com.

  4. What is the average price per plate at BYC?

  5. Hello! What was the average cost per person for this venue?

    • Depending on the season. They can range from $85-$100 for the winter months & anywhere from $125-$175 for peak season/months. There is also a required # of guests that you have to meet.


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