Beauty Crew Delivers!

As I stated in an earlier post I had my hair & makeup wedding day trial done this weekend….I was EXTREMELY pleased with the work the girls did.

Michelle knew exactly what to do once I showed her the pictures…& I was pleasantly surprised as to how weightless my eyes felt once she applied all the single lashes to my eyes. I was very happy my eyes didn’t feel heavy. So what do you think? Do you think she delivered in comparison to what I showed her? I think so! I was extremely happy with the final results.

Wedding makeup by Michelle Larner 

During the whole time Tara was working on my hair…she too knew exactly what I wanted and delivered a stunning updo without it looking overly done & hard. I wanted something soft & elegant & as with Michelle, she did an excellent job. {At the end of the night, I started taking out my bobby pins…133 to be exact…hahahah}

Wedding hair by Capelli By Tara

So there you have it….my wedding day look {earrings not actual}…My Beauty Crew delivered on so many ways & I’m excited to have them do my girls & the mom’s wedding day hair & makeup as well. They were absolutely wonderful to work with & even more validation as to why they are VOW’s Exclusive Hair & Makeup vendors.

Hair & Makeup Trial

This weekend I get to be made up! I’m doing my hair & makeup trial on Sunday. To say I’m really excited is an understatement!

When picking who I would use as my “Beauty Crew”…I knew instantly that Michelle Larner would be my go to girl! I’ve had a relationship with her for quite a few years & I refer all my clients to her for their wedding day makeup. Which is why it was an extremely easy decision when it came to my wedding day vendors. Here are a few shots of some of the incredible work she does.

{Images: Wedding Makeup by Michelle Larner}

Next up was Hair…through the years of planning weddings & working with beauty artists it became apparent that a lot of Makeup Artists work as a team with a Hair Vendor. They usually team up for client weddings & they work seamlessly together. There is an art to timing the Bride’s makeup & hair so that neither looks dull or flat {from all standpoints}. Especially when most Brides also have some of the girls in their Bridal Party do their hair & makeup as well.

I found that the process of picking a hairstylist for the wedding day is easier if the Makeup Artist works with someone exclusively. And Michelle does, which is great because it was one less vendor I had to worry about. Plus because I trust Michelle’s work so much I knew who she picked as her sidekick would have to reflect that same amount of quality & creativity as her work does. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Tara Jeanetti is my hairstylist for the wedding day & Capelli By Tara company was the way to go. I looked at her work online & felt confident with what she could create.

Now for the look…Because our wedding will be an evening, formal ~ black tie optional wedding, rather dramatic lighting ~ I wanted to create the same look for me. Smokey eyes that pop, BIG lashes & soft lips {don’t want to overwhelm}…

My hair would be rather simple…soft curls & pinned throughout. An almost unmade look actually.

So there you have it…the look I’m going for. I can’t wait to see my vision created by these talented artists. What I’m most excited about is sharing with you all the vision for the overall Wedding from my head…onto Blog…and into reality. And then come February, 2013…I’ll be able to post how it all came together. And if the vision that I pictures was true to what took place. It’s an overall exciting journey that I’m looking forward to bringing to life.

I Said YES to the Dress!

On April 21st, 2012 I said YES to my Dress….and here is how the whole experience went down. Like I tell all my Brides right before they get their dresses….when they ask me, “but how will I know?”…I say trust me…you will know!

Everyday when I go to work I pass this small Bridal Boutique & my mom said why not, lets give it a try. It’s called Nouveau Bride  in Merrick, NY. I also made an appointment with Bridal Reflection in Massapequa {where most LI Brides do their shopping}…

Now of course as most Brides do, I did my research online, looking at dresses upon dresses, looking for THE ONE….I even watched like 15 straight episodes of “Say Yes to The Dress” {NY and Atlanta}…to get maybe an even better idea of what type of dress I wanted. Well…it didn’t seem to help cause I was all over the place. I had pictures of ball gown dresses, A-line, Trumpet & Lace. But what I did know is that I was willing to try ANY style & wasn’t “married” to one particular style of dress or fabric.

So we both went in with open minds & some pictures that as soon as we walked into Nouveau Bride’s shop I had to discard cause they had NONE of the styles that I brought with me. {shrug}…OK so back to the ol’ drawing board & completely from scratch. I said OK what DO you have?

Well I tried on Ball Gowns, I tried on ALL lace & Tulle Dresses…somehow the way things were going I didn’t think we were going to be here for long. I had a decent but NOT over the top budget because my wonderful Mom & Dad were planning on paying for the dress…I think I tried on about 5 dresses & nothing. Every time I walked out…Looked in the mirror…and felt NOTHING! Hmmmm….was this how it was gonna go?

I was already extremely anxious & excited for the day….so feeling discouraged at the way things were going wasn’t making my anxiety any better. Corey the lovely sales woman said “Hold on….I may have something in the back for you”….{I think subconsciously when they say I have something in the back there is an immediate impression of exclusivity…so my ears were already perked up}…

She comes back with a dress that when I first looked at it on the hanger I was under whelmed & felt like maybe it wasn’t me or too much. {I won’t disclose the full details of the dress…My Soon to Be Hubby reads my blog daily & I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the reveal}..

BUT I said what the heck…lets go for it. I put on the dress….she adds a little “something extra” to the dress & I don’t really spend much time looking in the mirror. I walk out of the dressing room with a “Hmmm…oh wow, this is nice” initial feeling. My mom has been waiting patiently outside, dress after dress, giving just a look & not being overly critical of the dresses I’ve come out with so far. I know she wanted to see MY expression first before she made hers as to not sway my decision in any way.

*NOTE: I tell ALL my Brides to lower the “entourage” when going dress shopping. Too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the pot. Everyone has very different tastes & it’s better to have at most 2 people come with you on your dress appointment, who’s opinion you value the most.

I walked out in the dress….I get a better look in the mirror…I feel how it moves on my body…and I look at my mom…she looks at me….we look back at the mirror…she asks me to turn around…and we both start crying without saying ONE word to each other & we both knew it…We both said “THIS is MY Dress”….

BUT WAIT….we started laughing saying…”Wait wait…no we can’t start crying just yet…we have another dress appointment”….We did all the calculations & realized the dress was WAY over our budget. Hmmmm NOW WHAT? My mom was kind enough to say we aren’t ruling this out, BUT we have to go to Bridal Reflections & see what we find there. DEAL….we were on our way.

*NOTE 2: Stick to your Budget & look at dresses in your budget. One of the worst things you can do it try on dresses out of your price range because you MAY fall in love with one & then realize it’s not feasible from a price standpoint & all other dresses may pale in comparison. And you WILL become discouraged & frustrated with the process.

NOW I was getting excited…because at the end of the day I knew I had found THE Dress at one place & even if this appointment at Bridal Reflections wasn’t going to be successful, I didn’t have to start looking again. {Secretly, I don’t like clothes shopping or don’t like the process of going from dress shop to dress shop, even if some girls absolutely love this part the most. I wanted to find it. Feel it. And Buy it.}

Bridal Reflections had a few of the dresses I wanted to try on….which was great because I have to say, everything I thought would look good on me. Didn’t! NOT ONE single thing I wanted to try on looked like my dress, or something right on me or my body. Just wasn’t me. So we ventured off the list and tried on about 10 dresses.

There was one dress that I walked out with….I stood in front of the mirror…looked at my mom….had that feeling….was like OMG could this be it….felt it for 5 seconds…then POOF….it went quicker than it came. Hahah….I looked at my mom & said “OMG…MOM….{loooooong pause}…..NOPE….Just lost it…OK back to the dressing room”…It was rather funny actually.

And this was it {but then I realized that even though I simply loved the top…the bottom felt like a Christmas Tree}

{Designer: Martina Liana}

It was a stunning dress…but at the end of the day I knew it wasn’t ME per say. Soooo back to the dressing room….dress after dress…still nothing. And then I got to the point where I was about to try on another dress and I stopped the whole process. I felt bad, but I told the lady that I didn’t want to waste her time…she knew that I had felt something for another dress at my other appointment. And so I said I think I’m going to go get my dress. I just knew.

I walk out…look at my mom & she says “Ok Lu….Let’s go get your dress”….We walked out of there so excited to go back. I knew it from the moment we had THE moment together. Not a word exchanged just a look of total excitement & seeing myself IN the dress walking down the aisle to say I do to my best friend & soul mate.

The rest is really history…we went there…put it on again…walked around some more…it felt so right. And it’s so true what “they” say…When you KNOW…you just KNOW.

The Designer is Matthew Christopher & here is a small glimpse of some of his amazing structured dresses. {MINE is NOT included of course}…But I’ve never heard of this Designer before so I wanted to show everyone his incredible dresses. The Structure & lines on his work is amazing & his dresses are extremely reasonable. They range from $1500 – $5000! So all Brides I feel can afford his work. And the quality is impeccable.

{Designer & Images: Matthew Christopher}

I was lucky enough my Mom & Dad were flexible with the budget & were willing to say YES to this particular dress. I will be forever grateful to them for giving me such an incredible piece that I will feel & look amazing in as I walk down the aisle. So there you have it. My own personal “Say Yes to the Dress” experience. And honestly, I hope every single Brides gets to feel that amazing & thrilling feeling when they know they have found it. It’s an unforgettable moment that I will forever remember.


Now of course I’m not going to disclose THE dress that I do decide to buy…but I wanted to write a post of just the overall process of shopping & where my mind is taking me right now as far as styles….what I wind up picking may be totally different from what I have in my head…but these are the styles I’m going for nonetheless.


Being that our wedding is going to be a Winter Evening Wedding…I think this Bride deserves a little pouf & a little sparkle…not too much…but just enough to give off a little glitter when I twirl.

I’ve never really been one for big ballroom type of dresses, but for someone reason I want to feel like the princess Jeff makes me feel like on a daily basis. I want my skirt to twirl during our first dance & I want my dress to make an entrance so to speak.

I have my first dress appointment with my mom on the 21st. We plan on going to Bridal Reflections in Massapequa & a small bridal boutique in Merrick called Moonlight Couture just cause it’s on the way & I always pass it when I’m at work.

My mom told me she has envisioned me in something special & different…but what that is I don’t know. What I DO know is that because my mom has worked in the fashion & celebrity industry for the majority of her life she’s seem some pretty amazing gowns and styles. I trust her taste implicitly & wouldn’t even dream of not hearing her out as to which dress I should pick. She’s absolutely my fashion guru & why would such an important decision be any different.

Devil is in the Details

There are so many elements that have to come together for any wedding. And ours is no exception. All I know is that I have this vision in my head & all I care about is bringing it to life. With all the bells & whistles I don’t want to skimp on anything. Now my fiance has been a real sport throughout this planning process & he’s been involved in many of the planning aspects. But when it comes to flowers, decor & the overall look of our wedding he’s basically said “It’s ALL you honey”. And I respect that…he looked at me like a dear in headlights when I told him about my floral design meeting & mentioned “monochromatic”, “floral trios”, “hanging votives” & “color palette”.

He had no clue what I was really talking about but listened intently nonetheless {this is the part of marriage I think he has down packed….look excited, smile & nod…when it comes to something girly} Hahah… I’m a big fan of having a dramatic reception room, so when I was speaking with my Event Manager, Kathy, at BYC she knew she had to send me a picture of a wedding they had there recently to show me what could be done with “lighting”. Thus leads me to my absolutely need to have up-lighting done in our reception room.

I love the glow of the room & I feel like it creates a really formal & elegant look.

The next step was hiring a Company that could give me great quality lights & provide an additional visual appeal that my florist wouldn’t necessarily be able to do for us.

We hired EJ the DJ for all of our music needs & knowing what they provided my clients in the past, I also knew they would be the people to do our lighting & room ambiance. So we looked to them for lighting options & they created a perfect package. Up-lighting is relatively inexpensive {a definite extra}, but can transform any room into something a little more romantic & dynamic than with traditional lighting.

We also looked to them to provide a little something extra for our Wedding that would accompany our DJ. What this is…I won’t tell yet….even though I’m documenting the whole process there are still quite a few surprises that I would like to keep under wraps. All will be revealed after our wedding….

Bringing the Vision to Life

Another vendor down…I booked my floral designer on Tuesday….This choice was easy because Santos Floral Designs is not only VOW Wedding‘s exclusive floral designer but I’ve used them for quite a few of my client weddings & referred them to my friends as well.

Christina Santos has worked with David Tutera on his show My Fair Wedding & did some freelance work with him after a tragic fire took down the whole block of stores in Long Beach, NY a few years ago. I was so happy to see her come back to the same spot.

Christina has been a huge part of my professional life & most recently personal because she was actually hired by my now fiance to set up an incredible proposal in our home while we were out.

The day Jeff proposed he had Christina come to our house & set up this beautiful display asking me to Marry Him….the moment I walked into our home my stomach dropped at the sight of this amazing set up.

When I turned around he was on one knee asking me to marry him. I cried & it took him several times of asking me to marry him before I said yes because I was just so overcome with emotion & joy.

I’ve known that Santos Floral Design was going to be my Wedding Day Florist for a very long time…I was just waiting for the moment to come where we could set up our brainstorming meeting & make my vision come to life. And this past Tuesday, we did just that.

We sat for almost 2 hours going over all the details I want {and boy are there plenty}….I want our guests to walk through the venue & be completely blown away by the flowers and decor. We finalized everything during our meeting. She’s an incredibly talented floral designer & I was jumping up & down as we were moving from page to page jotting down what she was going to create for us. I had it ALL in my head….and I needed someone to bring it to life….and she got it.

{images: santos floral designs}

I’m not going to spoil the surprise as to what I have planned. But all I can say is that it will be different. It will sparkle & I will bring the Winter Wonderland vibe indoors. {BUT there will be NO snowflake anything. Haha.Not my style}….The wedding is a formal/black tie optional adult only event. Classy but unpredictable. I’m really excited & can’t wait to do my walk-through with my Day of Coordinator {of course I have one} & see the spectacular vision brought to life right before our eyes.

Take our Picture!

Picture…Pictures…Pictures….I loooooove pictures. I’m usually the one at every party that has the camera out…and the one that posts them online that same night or latest the next day. I love taking pictures so much that for my client weddings I usually take tons of pictures during their wedding & post them online for the couple to view the following day. Gives them a little peak before they head off to their honeymoon.

Most professional photographers can take up to 3 months to filter through, edit and present pictures to their clients which is why my clients are so happy to receive my shots the next day. Here are a few shots I’ve taken of my clients through the years.

I’ve always loved being able to capture a moment in time. Life is always about making memories & being able to provide that extra little service for my Brides & Grooms makes me feel like I have a little edge against my competition.

I digress….I’ve worked with some of the best of the best in the industry. I’ve worked with Anthony Vasquez {who’s shot many celebrities, most recently one of the Jonas Brother’s Weddings}, Christian Oth Studio {Alison Mayfield & Michael Falco} & Modern Wedding Photography to name some of my most favorite Photographers & Studios. You can’t got wrong with any of those vendors.

One of my last client weddings I worked with a photographer Jason Kim. I have to say, out of ANY vendors I’ve worked with, I had a complete & utter blast with him. We worked extremely well together & I was blown away by the pictures he took for my clients. I later found out that he actually broke away from the Photo Studio he was working for & decided to venture out on his own.

This was wonderful news…his talent stands on it’s own & I am one of his biggest fans & supporters, because I knew he would be a force to be reckoned with once he went solo. And I knew that when our day came I wanted to scoop him up for our wedding, no second thought given to any other vendors I’ve worked with in the past.

Jase Kim Photography is our Wedding Photographer & we are both really excited to not only partake in the niche “Beloved” engagement shoot he does, but for him to absolutely capture the love Jeff & I feel for each other in a format that is so dear to me.

{photos: jasekim}

We met with him last week & although I had met him before our dynamic was a little different {and more casual} than while we were actually working together. With some sangria & tapas on the table Jason explained to both of us in-depth what a “Beloved” session would entail. We loved the uniqueness of how he would photograph us, capturing a raw true emotion, rather than a staged pose against a Meatpacking District wall in Manhattan.

He got to know us as a couple & not as clients. He asked great questions to evoke interest & our conversations stemmed from online dating to religion. Definitely a non-traditional vendor meeting, which is why we knew he would be able to make us both extremely comfortable during the shoots & even more so on our special day.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our pick. So much that I wasn’t expecting Jeff to say to me that he’s really excited to do the engagement shoot only minutes after we left the meeting. To evoke such a comfortable & excited nature from a groom when it came to take pictures is a fête all brides try to accomplish. So I was pretty excited to see it in his eyes.

Jason Kim is a not only a talented Photographer but he’s able to really connect with his clients & make them feel incredibly comfortable & excited to show others the love they feel for each other.

We are excited & can’t wait to do our Beloved Engagement shoot with him come warm weather in either May or June!

P.S. Don’t worry….we will give you all a peak once we get the images…

Our Movie Magic

When planning my client weddings & my own there is a running theme of priorities. I tell all my clients when they start thinking about where & how to spend their money….where to put more towards the budget….they need to make a “NEED” list & “WANT” list. This helps all my clients determine if certain aspects of the wedding are more important than others & allowing for more of the funds to be allocated to that particular item.

For me…my “NEED” list was very simple. I “NEED” the following:

  • An incredible Cinematographer to shoot our wedding {Make Movie Magic}
  • A talented & creative photographer that shoots photojournalism style photos {or editorial}
  • And lastly a Floral Designer who can bring what I have in my head come alive

For me those three are really important. Movies & Photos can last a lifetime. And as I’ve mentioned before to me the way our wedding looks  is truly important & I really want my vision to come alive. {Speaking of Floral Decor, I’m actually going for my Floral Design appointment tonight…but I won’t disclose who & what we have planned till later in the week}.

So back to my Cinematographer….I have worked with some amazing videographers….and I had 3 that were on my wish list.

All these three cinematographers shoot in HD {but then again who doesn’t nowadays}…have an unobtrusive camera {it actually looks like a regular high quality hand-held camera}….and their highlight films & reels look like something out of a movie. The editing & the way they put the days events together is compelling & moves me every time I watch ANY of their Wedding Videos. Their work is very non-traditional cheesy wedding video.

I reached out to Moetic Films & their starting price for NY Shoots are $6,950 {Yaowza!} They do amazing work…but yet again my expensive tastes got the better of me. However, I knew I would find another vendor as equally talented…if not better! 😉

Magic Flute Videos has been a Company that I’ve worked with on several of my client weddings. Renzo is amazing to work with & love the way he shoots. Only problem, his Company goes away for Winter Months to Costa Rica…so they wouldn’t be around to actually shoot the wedding. Soooo back to the drawing board…

After doing some research online I came across 15 Minutes of Frame. To say I was blown away by their work is an understatement! Put it this way…I was so moved when I saw their wedding highlights on Vimeo I couldn’t help but start tearing up. And even though the other artists’ work is incredible…that was something they couldn’t do. Move me to tears. And that’s when I knew…They were our Cinematographers.

So far one of my favorite videos that I go back to watch over & over again is THIS HIGHLIGHT…Check it out! And tell me their work isn’t absolutely amazing.

So I reached out to Kaipo Schwab {who I’ve been in correspondence with before for other clients of mine AND to build a professional relationship to have them be one of VOW’s Exclusive Wedding Cinematographers}. We worked together on building a perfect package that gave us all the elements we wanted & working within our budget.

I was thrilled when it all worked out & we are now able to have them shoot our wedding. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to ever get them for our wedding but Kaipo was wonderful to work with & I’m so excited. Please check out their work, you will be blown away!

Next up….Photographers….

Where do we get married?

I started VOW Wedding Consulting back in 2004. And I can’t even tell you how many venues I’ve been to for my client weddings. I’ve been down to Hope, NJ…up by Garrison, NY…across to Philadelphia, PA…far east to Montauk & back up north to Lake George, NY {to name a very few locations}. I’ve been to farms, hotels, lofts, vineyards & private residences.

I think I’ve covered the Tri-State area pretty well over the past 8 years! It’s been an incredible journey & I’ve been so lucky to have worked with amazing clients…vendors…and venues. Which is why I think picking our venue & vendors is easy.

Prior to getting engaged there were a few contenders….but as we spoke about budget…size…possibilities…the list became smaller & smaller….

So we started with the TOP of the Wish List Pick:

Vineyard Wedding at Wolffer Estate Vineyards {Sagaponack, New York}

I’ve always loved the vibe of a Vineyard Wedding…& as someone who enjoys wine tremendously & has a few Wine Club Memberships out on the North Shore of Long Island…we thought what better way than to have our event at a venue we can both relate to. Sadly, with a $15,000 – $25,000 Site Fee ticket price we won’t be able to indulge in one of our favorite hobbies while getting married. We realized that although it would be a perfect venue for us…a Vineyard Wedding just wasn’t in our BUDGET.

Planner Tip: The first thing a couple should do is sit down & discuss their budget & their expected wedding guest count…realistically! Take into account the Season you want to get married. Jan – March are relatively low wedding seasons, so the price per person will be considerably lower. November & December is still not as popular, HOWEVER recently those two months have increased in popularity.

Take into account who’s paying for what…or where some of the funding is coming from. Once you know how much you have to work with, then everything else will be easier to manage. Don’t set unrealistic Venue expectations for yourself & become highly disappointed in the process. There is nothing more frustrating than having a Venue in mind & then realizing it’s not within reach. It’s not a positive way to start planning such a beautiful day in your lives.

So….onto the next Wish List Location…

City Wedding – Guastavino’s {New York, NY}

I absolutely fell in love with this space when I went on a site visit for one of my clients. It’s romantic, mainly used for Fashion Week events, but WOW…the enormity of the venue was breathtaking. They have a private chef that works for the space so although it’s a rental site, they have in-house gourmet catering.

The venue has a flat $5,000 Sound Setup Fee. What this means is that because the space has stone walls, the venue requires special sound technology to keep the place from echoing during the event. The venue has an underground cellar feel {which is why you have to hire their sound techs to work with the room acoustics}. So maybe there isn’t a “Site Fee” per say to rent the space out, but the “Sound Fee” is pretty much the same thing.

Average cost per person for catering started at $199 per person so it was def. way out of our budget & with the $5,000 Sound Fee made it untouchable. I sometimes wish I didn’t have such expensive tastes. Haha. But when you’ve seen the best of the best it’s really hard NOT to want it. Outside of price we also felt that for our guests, with the majority coming from Long Island, this location would be less convenient.

Planner TipWhen picking a venue, be considerate of your guests. I know this is YOUR day, but you are also choosing to spend it with your closest family & friends. How the day impacts their day does matter. Be sensitive to cost of surrounding hotels for those not driving back home, how long it will take your guests to get to you wedding & overall accessibility.

Intimate Club Affair – Old Field Club {East Setauket, New York}

Old Field Club is an active Tennis Club on the North Shore of Long Island, however they have a gorgeous banquet room. This was a front-runner with one of my clients during our site visit tour, but lost out for the SAME reason we decided we couldn’t choose this venue. SPACE! The main dining room was absolutely charming. Beautiful chandeliers, dark wood bar at the end of the room& surrounding windows overlooking the LI Sound. Situated right on the water there is a lovely area to get married outside & as a space that holds only one event at a time it was completely intimate.

The space was really wonderful & at the other end of the wall was a very large fireplace. This place was perfect for a more intimate 75-100 person wedding. They said the space could fit 120, but after looking at the layout, could you fit 120 in there…yes…would they be comfortable…I don’t know. But I absolutely loved this venue, however for our wedding size of 130 it wouldn’t have even been an option. BUT…was still a possibility in the beginning before we realized how many guests we were going to have.

Planner TipVenue Size is extremely important. There is nothing more uncomfortable for your guests than picking a space that crams everyone together. Being unable to push your chair back from your table because you hit the person behind you or worst yet, having part of your chair legs actually ON the dance floor {an experience my fiance had at a wedding he attended} is unacceptable. Even if you have a modest head count, go with a room that fits at least 50-100 people more than you have. This gives your guests a little more breathing room & the ability to move around & not bump into chairs, tables or people more importantly.

Yacht Clubt – Bridgeview Yacht Club {Island Park, New York}

I came across this place for different reasons. One of my Bridesmaids is getting married there….I convinced one of my clients to get married there because of it’s endless possibilities…I live 5 minutes away from this venue & quite frankly because I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews about this Venue. Food. Service. And the most important factor….It holds ONE event at a time. And for us that factor was extremely important. {Recently they were featured in TLC’s Four Weddings show…and the Bride that won the contest held her wedding at BYC – Click HERE to view the video recap}

 I’ve worked with the Event Manager at the Venue for my client’s wedding & had a great experience. I also felt confident that this place could deliver on so many levels. Price. Food. Space. Overall Style & Service. From all aspects this Venue seemed to call out to me more & more.

Now I knew that one of my girls was getting married at this venue before us, so I felt that I should ask her for her opinion on us getting married there as well. I think it’s important that you respect your friends when picking a venue & at least being sensitive to the exclusivity they may want to hold for their Wedding. She was delighted & flattered that we would pick her venue for our wedding as well. I knew right there, with my friend’s blessing, that if Jeff loved it as much as I did…THIS place was our Wedding Venue.

So Jeff & I went to visit Bridgeview Yacht Club….more importantly I needed his approval & I needed him to see US getting married here, just as much as I did.

Upon our visit we booked it on the spot! Bridgeview Yacht Club is our Wedding Day Venue! Jeff loves the space as much as I do & he could 100% see us getting married there, right on the water & under a beautiful fabric draped ceiling.

A little about BYC & why we picked it. For me decor is really important. I tell my clients all the time not to get wrapped up in the minor details of their wedding if it’s NOT the important thing to them personally, OR if they are doing it for their guests…or worry what their guests will think. 90% of guests DO NOT notice the small detail of your decor. BUT you do! Which is why when I decided on BYC & what I envisioned for our wedding day, it wasn’t & isn’t for our guests. It’s absolutely 100% for ME!

I want to look back on our day and say WOW this is exactly how I envisioned it & I made it happen. Lighting. Flowers. Table Settings. etc…Will some of our guests take notice, sure, but it’s not why I am creating the look.

BYC has a tremendous reception room that can fit up to 400 people. And for our 130 person count the room will be able to give me more flexibility with tables, lighting, set-up and the dance floor. Another reason why I loved the space. It’s a blank canvas as far as I’m concerned.

The room will also be the location of our ceremony. A gold toned fabric separates the room into half where the ceremony area is set up.

There is a bar & bathroom situated at the end of the room so no guests really have to leave the room. That was a huge bonus. We wouldn’t want anyone missing out on the party!

We also loved the endless possibilities the room had as far as look. We are having a Winter Wedding & my hopes are to bring the sparkle & cool feel of the outside indoors. I don’t want to totally give away ALL the details….but here is a picture of what I’m going for….with my own personal touches & feel. It’s not quite exactly the look, but it’s the vibe. What do you think? {AND note these images are actually FROM the room at the BYC}

BYC is also located rather centrally to a lot of our guests so they wouldn’t have to travel far. And with the Allegria Resort Hotel only 5 mins away, we are blocking rooms for our guests at a discounted rate. Not only is it low season for weddings, but it’s low season for a Hotel that is situated right on the beach in a beach community.

Planner TipWhen picking a Wedding Venue look at it from all aspects. Don’t get hung up on one thing over another. At the end of the day YOU will make your day special no matter whether or not it has 100% of all the elements you are looking for. Like people, no venue is perfect. Look at the venue from an overall standpoint. Does it fit within your budget? Will it fit your guests comfortably? Have you read relatively good reviews about it? {AND please don’t get hung up on a few negative reviews, you will find them at every single place}. Do you walk into the room & say I can see myself having my wedding here?

With everything in life, including a marriage, sometimes it requires a little flexibility & compromise. It’s about the overall picture. And at the end of the day it’s about the marriage between two people that love each other very much & NOT whether or not they have a specific fish on the menu, or the carpet isn’t the right color.

I truly believe that some Brides make the Wedding Planning Process a lot harder than it has to be. If you give yourself enough time & keep things in perspective, it’s one of the most thrilled & fun activities of your life. And together you can make it as stress free as you envision it. Just as long as you keep things in perspective throughout the whole process & realize that nothing is perfect….but rather perfect for you!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how we came to pick our wedding venue. We are both extremely excited. The parents loved the place & we can’t wait to share our wedding day with our family & friends in 10 months! 🙂 

We’re Engaged!

March 30th, 2012 was a big day for this Planner. It’s the day the love of my life asked me to marry him.

And thus begins this Planner’s effort to bring my vision of our perfect wedding day to life. My friends were all shocked to hear that I had most of my vendors basically waiting in the wings….as if once that ring got placed on my finger…the little wedding gnomes came out of my closet and I pressed the “green light GO” button. In all honesty I believe that being a Wedding Planner makes it a million times easier to plan your own wedding.

I’ve worked with many vendors & have basically interviewed each & every one of them during my client’s weddings….whether they realized it or not. I’ve been privy to their talent, their turnaround time, their personality & quite frankly whether I liked working with them on a professional basis. The vendors I have decided to work with are MY pick of the litter. And I couldn’t be happier with my selections. The next couple of posts will reflect the choices….and the final picks and why I picked who I picked.

It’s easy to rally the troops when you know what you are getting. Most Brides have to start from scratch…search…research…& evaluate quite a few vendors before they find THE ONE. I had the advantage of doing all that from my prior client’s weddings…so now it was just a matter of saying “Hey, we have a date…let’s get this going”.

Oh yeah…We have a Wedding Date: February 23rd, 2013

Stay tuned for details on the Venue…


Planner’s Journey to the Altar

I’ve taken a short hiatus from writing on my blog because quite frankly I’ve been a little busy with my wedding business AND most recently reveling in the fact that THIS Wedding Planner has recently gotten engaged & has started planning her own wedding. So I thought….what better way to re-start my blog posts than by keeping a journal of our Journey to the Alter.

From beginning to the end I will be documenting the adventures of wedding planning from a planners perspective…which may be a little different than from someone who isn’t necessarily “IN” the business. I hope my readers will find the posts entertaining, informative & more than anything INSPIRATIONAL….

So stay tuned for posts regarding the journey my fiance & I have started taking in making our dreams come true…

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