As part of the new Photographers Featured Series…I am going to try and find different types of wedding concepts…First pick of the Photographer Feature Series is by Corinna Hoffman. I’ve always loved the concept of Trash That Dress & when I saw that she did a gallery just on that I took the opportunity to do an inspirational board.

The trash that dress concept has taken photography by storm…it’s a great way to get down & dirty after your wedding & capture some truly natural, organic & raw pictures. Great concept…& the bride & groom almost ALWAYS look like they are having a blast with it as well.

Corinna Hoffman has clean & creative angles. Crisp images that showcase her eye for color. Thank you Corinne for your submission to be featured on our site…great work!

{images: corrina hoffman}


  1. My god! The dry cleaning bills must be astronomical for her clients. Seriously though, risk taking as a wedding photographer takes confidence, courage and skill. Looks like she has it all! Nice job!

  2. How wonderful to be the First pick of the Photographer Feature Series in your blog!! Thank you for this opportunity and great topic!! Trash the Dress definitely has taken the wedding photography by storm and so glad that many more brides are open to this idea 🙂 Thank you again!

  3. Agree with Joe. I’d follow Corrina’s work anywhere because~ not only does she have mad skills, she’s also fun and adventurous.

  4. Yay for Corinna and yay for the trashing the dress trend! : )

  5. Incredibly report

  6. I love the way these pictures came out — a great trend!

  7. oh cool, this information is really useful and definately is comment worthy! hehe. I’ll see if I can try to use some of this information for my own blog. Thanks!

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