When planning a nature inspired wedding, take some cues from the girls at id 810 design group, inc. who decorated a show house table scape completely with garden inspired objects. By combining botanically patterned formal dinnerware with clean lined white ceramic cups you can achieve a well balanced mix of organic chic.

810 Design Board 1

As an escort card, do as they did and pick up an herb pot with a writable surface and write your guests’ names in with chalk and sit it atop your serving plate. For candle holders, they opted for unconventional teeny tiny terracotta planters and went with gray textured candles as opposed to traditional white ones. A closer inspection reveals the use of a large planter base as a serving platter and a tin basin as an ice bucket.

810 Design Board 2

To boost up the charm factor, they dressed up simple overhead fixtures and suggest you do the same with the fixtures in your space or neighboring trees by adorning them with small hanging lanterns combined with flameless tea light candles. For pops of color and texture consider introducing moss balls as well as rattan balls to your table scape. Next, to “tie up” your organic chic theme, follow their lead in using twine or rope as your chair tiebacks in lieu of a traditional satin sash.   Lastly, id 810 design group says this look can go from garden inspired to green in no time by opting for organic cotton linens, repurposing all of the garden elements in your own backyard or by donating them to a community garden, giving your guests a gift of a small plant to grow, and serving organically grown wine.

810 Design Board 3Happy Planting….uh I meant planning!

{images & information: id810designgroup, designers: virginia toledo & jessica zimbard}

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  1. Thanks id 810. Love the combo of “Organic and Chic.” Whoever would have thought?

  2. wow! no words to express!


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