Every now and again I get referred to a fun site…and today I was contacted by Jeff a self proclaimed “Groomasaurus”…I went to his blog and came across an absolutely entertaining blog about “If only guys planned weddings”..

Here is his enlightening interpretation! Enjoy ladies…even if you don’t agree…it’s still a good entertaining read!


If only guys planned weddings …

by Jeff on June 23, 2009

… instead of the father giving the bride away, it would be our favorite pro athlete or musician (which we would later regret after we found out they tried to play tonsil hockey with our bride in the church foyer).

… the bride and groom’s mode of transportation would be a Ferrarri, which means we would actually be late to the ceremony because you can’t outrun a two-way radio.

… the reception meal would consist of steak, Budweiser and Twinkies.

… the lovely “Here Comes the Bride” music would be replaced by something like Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” or another completely inappropriate song.

… the ceremony would take place in a barn, because we’d forget to book the church.

… the ring bearer would be our dog, Drillbit, who halfway down the aisle/barn floor would mistake the mother-of-the-bride’s hat for a woodland creature and lose the rings as he lunged for her head.

… our self-inscribed vows would be peppered with modifiers like “awesome,” “stoked,” and “killer.”

… the apparel of choice would be a denim version of dress casual.

… the invitations would be illegible missives scrawled on our “From the Desk of…” notepaper.

… every part of the service would conclude with high-fives among bridesmaids and groomsmen.

… the reception would last 24 hours, after which we would need to be removed by ambulance.

… the wedding colors would be surprisingly similar to those of our college alma mater.

… we’d recruit our best guy friends to help out, who would offer fabulous (i.e., ridiculous and self-serving) ideas like pot brownies instead of cake, see-through bridesmaid dresses and holding the reception on a floating casino.

… no women would attend, because they never liked going to our alcohol-soaked, wiener-fest frat parties in college in the first place, and the only difference between this and those sad galas is that now we’re older, heavier and have less hair. Not exactly an improvement.

Hopefully we wouldn’t be this bad, but you never know what happens when you put a bunch of guys together to plan something. You may get something with the spectacle and energy of the Olympic opening ceremonies. Or it may have all the spontaneity and drama of an office birthday party.

{post created by Jeff at Groomasaurus}

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A great and modern-looking option, bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable materials on earth.  Use tall stalks of curly bamboo in centerpieces, or choose bamboo chargers for your reception tables. And of course, mini stalks of lucky bamboo are always a favorite favor.

I believe that because of it’s durability as an organic element that it’s symbolisim can also represent the type of relationship you have. A symbol for longevity (it’s always got green shoots) as well as strength and grace (it bends readily but doesn’t break easily). In Chinese philosophy the straight stem of bamboo symbolizes the path towards enlightenment, the segments of the stem being the steps along the way.

Here are some lovely ways to incorporate bamboo into your event. Whether it be a wedding, shower, or event…

Bamboo Board

{images:, martha stewart, bamboo place card holder & coasters:, couple image: the knot, }

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When planning a nature inspired wedding, take some cues from the girls at id 810 design group, inc. who decorated a show house table scape completely with garden inspired objects. By combining botanically patterned formal dinnerware with clean lined white ceramic cups you can achieve a well balanced mix of organic chic.

810 Design Board 1

As an escort card, do as they did and pick up an herb pot with a writable surface and write your guests’ names in with chalk and sit it atop your serving plate. For candle holders, they opted for unconventional teeny tiny terracotta planters and went with gray textured candles as opposed to traditional white ones. A closer inspection reveals the use of a large planter base as a serving platter and a tin basin as an ice bucket.

810 Design Board 2

To boost up the charm factor, they dressed up simple overhead fixtures and suggest you do the same with the fixtures in your space or neighboring trees by adorning them with small hanging lanterns combined with flameless tea light candles. For pops of color and texture consider introducing moss balls as well as rattan balls to your table scape. Next, to “tie up” your organic chic theme, follow their lead in using twine or rope as your chair tiebacks in lieu of a traditional satin sash.   Lastly, id 810 design group says this look can go from garden inspired to green in no time by opting for organic cotton linens, repurposing all of the garden elements in your own backyard or by donating them to a community garden, giving your guests a gift of a small plant to grow, and serving organically grown wine.

810 Design Board 3Happy Planting….uh I meant planning!

{images & information: id810designgroup, designers: virginia toledo & jessica zimbard}

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