You receive a package…it’s a wedding invitation…but not just any invitation, but a stunning and unique creation by Bella Invites. You know the bride has put extra thought into this event with an invitation like this. I came across this vendor and was amazed by what they create. Elaborate designs, jewel embellishments…everything you would want to see from an invitation designer. I absolutely fell in love with their creations and I know you will too…

{invitations available at: bella invites}

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  1. The Virtual Bridesmaid says:

    What stunning invites!!

    Thanks for sharing these.

    The Virtual Bridesmaid

  2. Thanks so much for the blog link! I love your blog and we are thrilled to be a part of your inspiration section.

    That Tiffany blue invite set is gorgeous!

    Thanks again~ Lara

  3. I love any invitations that come in a box or have embossing on them. They create such a sense of a SPECIAL event versus your run-of-the mill party. It’s definitely a great way to get your guests’ attention from the get-go and set the bar for the event.

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