I’m a gift giver…what can I say…and I’ve always turned to Red Envelope for those special occasions when I didn’t know what to get someone…and at the same time…wanted to give something meaningful. Red Envelope was always there for me…So I wanted to share with my readers some of my favorite things…wedding related!

1. I absolutely love the multi-frame wall sets. I have one of these up in our house and whenever people walk in they always admire how wonderful it displays our wedding pictures.

2. We actually gave our parents the vertical engraved name frame to our parents for their wedding gifts. We put an engagement picture of us on top, we wrote something wonderful and personal to our parents on a 4×6 colored card and inserted it in the center and then we gave them the family wedding portrait to put at the bottom. It was a huge hit with the parents and a truly unique idea.

3. I think couples sometimes forget about the little romantic moments they can have together…I absolutely love the bath tray as a gift..not only to yourself…but to another couple. We all need to take time away from the chaos that envelopes us on a daily basis and spend some QT with our honey…

So visit Red Envelope and see what special items they can offer…it’s the thought behind the gift that makes a world of difference…

[images provided by Red Envelope]

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