So the wedding plans have started…and one of the things that you are interested in is the photographer and the wedding album he/she may create. As you may notice wedding albums can run anywhere from $700-$1200 for a book. Personally, I think that’s alot to spend (especially if you are trying to watch your budget). So I have a less expensive, equally as nice, alternative to the traditional wedding album.

Why not do a coffee table book? The pictures in the book last longer because they aren’t actual prints, and it’s a little more modern. It can be a great gift to family members, or you can display it on your coffee table for guests.

There are quite a few companies out there that offer custom book printing. A book can run you anywhere from$30-$150 (depending on how many pages you select). Some of my favorite companies are: MyPublisher & Blurb. You download the software, take the images your photographer gives you on a disk and create your very own wedding album. They have alot of page templates you can use. Customize the wording and page themes.

Here are a few examples:

[images provided by blurb]

[images provided by mypublisher]

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