Ok, so we all know that favors are usually a touchy subject. With the couple and with the guests. I know the majority of wedding favors I’ve gotten I’ve thrown away. I mean how many more tiny picture frames or candles can I collect. However, edible favors & gifts have always been a favorite of mine. There is nothing like leaving the wedding and having a midnight snack…taking a bag and filling it with an assortment of candies…or going home and making a pretty tasty lemonade. So lets do away with all those old fashioned favors and indulge in some delectable edibles.

[images provided by theknot, beau-coup & weddingfavorbar]


  1. Edible wedding favors are awesome! Whats even better is an edible wedding favor that comes in jar/container that is personalized. Eat the yummy contents and then still have a practical item to use that will remind your fiends and loved ones of the special day.
    Another great idea is Christmas Oranament. Thats what my wife & I gave away. It was a round ceramic disc….with an imprint of the Claddagh and then had our names and wedding date on the back.
    I love going to friends and families homes around the holidays and seeing our ornament on their trees. My Jewish and non Christmas practicing friends keep it hung up all year round.

    Its practical and most of all it lasts….just like the memories and hopefully like the union created that day…………..

  2. I love this post and couldn’t agree more! I LOVE edible favors. They are my favorites. Sometimes I’ve even eaten them before dinner is served if the toasts go long. Not sure if Miss Manners would approve but hey, a girl’s got to eat!

    Once I took home what I thought was a small bag of truffles. When I ate one the next day I discovered they were fresh grapes dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder. Oh my gosh they were so yummy!

    And I agree with Mike that beautiful ornaments are another great idea. We kind of did that at our wedding with ornaments attached to the name cards as favors. Of our 70 guests only two people left them behind. Everyone else took them home, hopefully to cherish 😀

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