Ok, so you’re engaged…now you are thinking about the wedding. Oh man…the stress. Ok so here is some advice just to calm you down and show you that it’s gonna be easier than you think.

1. The Dreaded Budget – Yeah I know, we would all like to have an unlimited one…but that may not be the case. Even if you don’t have a figure in your mind, sit down with the funding participants and just throw some numbers out there.

2. Needs & Wants List – So you’ve got a number. A Needs & Wants list will help you make decisions on where to spend the majority of your budget. Keep in mind, the venue will eat the majority of it (depending on how many guests you have), but overall…figure 40% of the budget. OUCH! So Venue..Needs list…Draping (Wants)…go through some of the things you absolutely have to have at the wedding and what’s most important to you & the groom (yes I said groom …it’s his wedding too).

3. DIY Options – I know we would all like to hire other people to do all the work, but honestly there are so many things you can do yourself and cut back on the budget so you can have that fancy draping if you want. Research Do It Yourself projects to help you create custom made decorations or unique aspects for your wedding.

These are the top three things I tell all my clients to consider right from the gate! The rest…piece of cake!

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