The Famous 4 C’s

Choosing the right engagement ring can be a very tricky process that takes a lot of time, consideration, and of course, cash. Different couples do things differently, but in most cases the groom-to-be takes some time to select a diamond engagement ring for his prospective bride. Needless to say, this is a stressful decision to make. You want to find a ring that is very high quality, but also affordable, and above all you want to make sure it’s something that your future spouse will love and cherish. Easier said than done. Most guys will take all the advice they can get in this department, so before you head to 77 Diamonds to start picking out your ring, you may want to consider the following general tips.

To begin with, don’t get too caught up in “traditional” engagement rings, because really there is no such thing. There are some that would tell you that a certain shape or style of ring is the most popular, or most traditional option, and while this can help you to narrow down your options, it might also limit your creativity in selecting a ring. For example, if someone tells you that square diamonds standing alone in rings are the best options, you may ignore the fact that halo settings (as in, diamonds set within circular patterns on rings) are also quite popular these days. In fact, even limiting your search to diamonds may be somewhat stunting – consider, for example, the wildly popular engagement ring of British princess Kate Middleton, which actually contains a sapphire instead of a diamond! In summary, try to keep your options open.

When you do find yourself specifically shopping for a stone, try not to become overwhelmed by the different terms and classifications assigned to diamonds. Diamonds are rare, and very difficult to shape, and all of this means that they tend to have a lot of variety when it comes to quality and type. It’s easy to get a bit confused by this variety, but here are a few basic terms to help you out:


•          Cut – The cut is different from the shape of the diamond. The shape is, literally, “oval” or “square,” etc. The cut, on the other hand, refers to the specific cut of the surface of the stone, and the better the cut, the more effective the stone will be at reflecting light.

•          Color – The color of a diamond is actually a scale to judge its “whiteness,” or clarity. The whiter your diamond, the more light it allows to pass through it, and the brighter it will shine.

•          Carat – The carat of your diamond refers literally to its weight and size. This does not technically affect quality, though higher carat diamonds are typically more expensive.

•          Clarity – Your diamond’s clarity refers to how perfect it is. All diamonds have a few blemishes and imperfections, but the clearer it is, the closer it is to being a flawless specimen.



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